Simon Bookish
Above: Simon Bookish in the studio, July 2009 (Photo: Leigh Righton)

Simon Bookish
Above: Simon Bookish, 2008 (Photo: Lucy Johnston)

Simon Bookish
Above: Simon Bookish photographed for Amelias Magazine, 2008

Simon Bookish
Above: Simon Bookish live at the Scala, 2007 (Photo: John W Stuart)

Simon Bookish
Above: Leo appearing in Jennet Thomas' "School of Change", 2012 (Film Still)

Simon Bookish
Above: Leo rehearsing with the London Symphony Orchestra, 2013 (Photo: Kevin Leighton)

Simon Bookish is Leo Chadburn


Leo Chadburn makes music in London.

He is best known as Simon Bookish, under which guise he has released three albums of transgressive, investigatory pop and electronic music.

He is a classically-trained composer, producer, arranger and vocalist, whose work includes experimental music for the concert hall, improvisation and remixes.

He has a special interest in sound and music for visual art, collaborating on a wide range of acclaimed video, installation and live art projects in the last decade.

He also writes about creative music and is currently an associate composer of the LSO (London Symphony Orchestra), as part of their 'Soundhub' scheme.

You can hear most of the Simon Bookish back catalogue and read more about some recent activities on this site. You can find a more detailed biography here.