Online Scores

Seeing as I’ve been writing a fair amount of notated music in the last few years, I’ve added some scores to the Sound and Music ‘British Music Collection.’ I may rotate / exchange / add / delete at some point, but for now you can look at the two pieces premiered at last year’s Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival: The Indistinguishables (string quartet and recorded voices) and Vapour Descriptors (for two pianos – pianists also sing), plus the orchestral piece for the LSO (Brown Leather Sofa) and the piece for Apartment House, X Chairman Maos.

I also added the complete score for ‘Everything/Everything;’ the original versions of the arrangements prepared for the recording sessions back in 2008. Perhaps it seems a little perverse to put up the score of a pop album, but it exists and might offer some kind of insight / amusement / edification?

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Reflecting Pool Score

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