Postcards / Shouting / Films

Lots of things have been happening in the last few weeks – performances, projects-in-progress, new music… here’s just a few highlights:

I had the pleasure of joining the exciting new percussion ensemble Abstruckt for a gig at the enterprising 840 Series in Islington – we played two new songs by me, based on ‘righteous’ and rather alarming texts¬†by the 1970s anarchist revolutionary group The Angry Brigade and Malcolm McLaren. Four drummers and my unamplified voice; I really “projected”, trying hard to aim my voice through the wall, like a bass siren going off. I’m hoping to make some more songs along these lines soon. Here’s a photo of us in action:

Bookish + Abstruckt in Action

Bookish + Abstruckt in action at St. James Church, Islington.

I’ve being working on a project (our second collaboration) with the fascinating and uncategorisable artist Frances Scott. Her new project is based around 16mm film footage, shot on location in Venice and Canvey Island. I wrote the music – also recorded on location in Essex. More details about this soon – it’s coming to the Focal Point Gallery in Southend in July.

Frances Scott directing 'Canweye'

Frances Scott directing ‘Canweye’

Finally, I’ve been working on a new piece for the phenomenal vocal ensemble EXAUDI. Called Affix Stamp Here, it’s scored for voices and electronics, and consists of dreamy settings of the messages on postcards sent by British travellers and holiday makers throughout the 20th century. The final version will be ready for a gig on the 23rd October at LSO St. Lukes. They’re singing it very, very, beautifully. This is the one of the¬†postcards providing inspiration…

Found Postcards - Affix Stamp Here

Found Postcards – Affix Stamp Here


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