Release date: 2nd April 2013 (Library of Nothing Records)

Written, performed and produced by Leo Chadburn

Additional production by Tom Haines

Design by Daniel Kluge

The Idea...

Recorded in 2002 and finally released "from the vaults" in 2013, EPIGRAM / MICROGRAM (CZ) is a small expedition to the heart of a synthesizer and creative monomania. All seven tracks use nothing but the sounds of the Casio CZ-101, with its characteristic digital fizz and shimmer, to create spacey instrumental synthscapes.

While the album has just one sound source, each track explores one compositional idea – they are not conventional song forms, but “aphorisms” driven by an attention to texture and harmony. For example, 'Things You Can’t Hear, Things You Can’t See' is concerned simply with one chord incrementally melting into another. On 'Theme and Deviations' the harmony shifts sequentially through every key. They’re studies – tiny journeys into what happens, artistically, when you restrict the material and focus the beam of the working methods. A kind of sonic microscopy.